The Feminist Bathroom Scale

The Feminist Bathroom Scale used to be a regular scale, a scruffy one abandoned by the former tenant. It never gave the same reading twice. (Admittedly, the floor is probably not level.) I pried out the little plexiglas disc that covered the numbers, and then I cut little positive messages out of magazines and glued them all the way around the dial. So when you step on the scale, instead of a number, it might say "Embrace your freedom" or "quiet your mental chatter" or "Don't postpone joy."

It could use a couple more coats of decoupage, and some kind of magnifying glass so that the messages are easier to read... right now it sort of requires a second person to read the dial, unless one is quite flexible.

Other details of the room (handmade rug; batik curtain; obligatory feminist poster)